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What You Need to Know About Food & Beverage Packaging

food and beverage packaging

Consider your neighbourhood supermarket and the number of things offered in every aisle.

The sheer volume of options is mind-boggling, and it’s critical that you, as a producer, do everything you can to stand out. 

It’s imperative to get the packaging right in a competitive environment like the food sector. It isn’t simply for convenience, but also to maintain a competitive edge on cluttered grocery shelves.

As they say – that a book should not be judged by its cover – consumers habitually review beverage and food products by their packaging.

Food and beverage packaging is more than just a fancy package on the store rack.

It serves as a direct interface between the customer and brand, in addition to protecting your products during storage and transport. If effectively created, the investment can help your business thrive by giving your customers a positive product experience.

Food and Beverage Packaging’s Influence on the Consumer Experience

E-commerce and social media have changed how businesses package their goods both in and out of the box. Based on the use and demographics – they have created a demand for fun, branded, and sustainable product packaging.

When choosing food and beverage packaging, consider how your customers would interact with your brand and product. Customers are aware of every aspect of your product packaging, both consciously and subconsciously.

Creative packaging design can enhance a product and elevate even the most mundane foods. Not to mention; the correlation between higher sales, customized packaging, and brand awareness.

When it comes to good packaging, it’s necessary to think about every part of the customer’s experience. Consider the below points: 

Does the product appear captivating? 

When you want people to notice your product, it should be visually appealing or enticing.

Is the product easily visible?

Before purchasing a product, many customers want to see what they’re buying.

How simple is it to unlock?

Convenience is the key – Customers may switch to a different brand if your packaging is difficult to open.

What is the size of the container?

Customers want to feel like they’re getting their value against the amount of the product, so the packaging should convey that the product is worthwhile.

Can the product be kept fresh in the packaging?

One of the most vital aspects is packaging that preserves the product’s quality.

Packaging Metrics in the Food and Beverage Companies

The packaging is what instantly draws you in, whether it’s your favourite finger snack, chocolate, or juice. Food packaging serves to distinguish a product on the shelf while also protecting it from internal and external contamination. It is critical to understand the various types of packaging and keep up with current packaging trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Picking the apt packaging for your food and beverage products can be tricky as each product has different packaging requirements.

The most vital aspects to consider when choosing beverage and food packaging:

Product Safety

Packaging is required to preserve the goods from damage during storage and transport and reduce deterioration if the product is exposed.

Design & Structure 

A suitable structure and packaging design can increase the value of a product. The packaging structure strengthens the product’s function, while the design gives it a pleasing appearance.

Product Visibility

People are visual beings. Consumers’ first impression is formed by the shape, colour, size, branding components of a package, and product placement. A product image should be placed on the packaging; the product should either be seen through a screen or be a fully transparent package. 

Ease of Use

According to surveys, consumers’ struggle with difficult-to-open packages outweighs their concerns about whether the product package is particularly novel, savvy, or sustainable.

Packaging that is easy to open is becoming more common as manufacturers recognize the constraints and expectations of those opening it. Companies create packaging that requires only a simple pulling and peeling motion that almost anyone can perform.

Brand identity

There are dozens of products on grocery shelves, so your product must stand out. Packaging aids this by distinguishing your brand from identical items on the shelf.

Packaging is also an effective marketing strategy. Customers will remember your brand the next time they visit the store because of the label, logo, and shape of your food packaging. Packaging helps to establish brand recognition in this way.

Design Styles for Food and Beverage Packaging

Food packaging trends are vital to understanding because the business is competitive and dynamic. By combining these trends into your packaging, you can give your product an edge.

Packaging for food and beverages is manufactured in several ways to suit the needs of different products and companies.

Minimal designs, bold colours, being creative with the shape of the package, interactive packaging, and functionality are a few of the aspects to consider while designing packaging for food and beverages.

A few of the packaging designs that are currently popular in the market are: 

  • Point-of-purchase packaging displays and dispensers made of plastic
  • Clear plastic printed boxes
  • Paperboard box with windows
  • Combination of paper and plastic box
  • Club and promotional packaging
  • Appealing Packaging

In the End: 

It isn’t enough to look at packaging from one perspective when designing it. Consider how your packaging can add value to a product and provide an experience from the consumer’s perspective. How would it assist your company in connecting with customers to increase sales and loyalty?

Seek advice from an expert who understands each processing area, including the impact of packaging on the consumer, to guarantee your package accomplishes its job. Whether you’re looking for fresh branding ideas or need assistance with food and beverage packaging, we’re here to help. One Step Print has 25 years of packaging experience at your disposal. Contact us to talk about how we can enhance your packaging.