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Packaging Box Manufacturer

One Step Print is a prominent packaging box manufacturer in Mumbai engaged in manufacturing and supplying packaging boxes, mono cartons, etc. We offer a diverse assortment of packaging products with a variety of specifications. All our packaging products are of optimum quality and consistency. The quality of our manufactured packaging products is at par with the domestic and international transportation standards.

Being a packaging box manufacturer, we offer packaging box printing services and a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to fulfill our client’s specific requirements. One Step Print – a customized packaging box manufacturer; that creates products tailored to suit your needs in terms of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. We ensure that our products maintain durability and quality by stringently testing them on several quality parameters.

We are renowned as the best packaging box supplier to deliver the products on time, thus meeting clients’ expectations. We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients by consistently providing them with their customized requirements with premium quality and timely delivery.

    Custom Packaging Boxes in Mumbai

    As the world is going digital with each passing day, companies must opt for custom packaging as a necessary marketing tool. Businesses are looking forward to having their products in the custom packaging boxes to display a professional appearance by adding their company name, logo, website, and brand tagline, all with eye-catching designs. It will help attract customers’ attention, enhance the appearance of the company’s brand, and make it easier for customers to distinguish your products.

    Custom packaging boxes are the first to create an impression of your products. Our efficient team will share their guidance in case; if you need assistance to guide what kind of packaging solution matches your precise requirements. We create custom product boxes that are specially designed; for your products and other specifications.

    Mono Carton Box

    A poorly packed product not only displeases the customers but also impacts product sales as well. Mono Cartons refer to boxes specially used for packaging products. Mono Carton manufacturers create these boxes for almost every product as desired by the clients. Mono Cartons are generally used in several sectors such as electronics, FMCG, cosmetics, consumer products, etc. We take utmost care while manufacturing medicine packaging boxes as well. Customers are attracted to the good packaging of the products.

    Being the Mono Carton Box Manufacturer understands this consumer trend, that packaging creates a different identity for the product. It is not just vital during the initial purchasing stage but also provides a complete product experience. These cartons are created and designed in various dimensions, patterns, and styles. Mono Carton Packaging products are customized as per the client’s specifications to manufacture packaging that compliments their product. We are renowned in the market as the best Printed Mono Carton Manufacturer with an aim to reduce the packaging cost and increase packaging efficiency.

    We use techniques like gold metalized foiling, hot foiling and lamination, met pet printing, glass matte effects, pantone color printing, hybrid effect and drip-off effect.

    We offer various cartons in different shape and size including folding cartons, litho-laminated cartons, &tray cartons.

    We cater to different industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals to FMCG, consumer durables, cosmetics.

    The time taken to complete an order depends upon the order size. It hardly takes us a few days to complete the order.

    The amount charged for Mono Cartons Printing depends upon the size of order. Apart from this, the shape and size of box also influence the price of your order.

    Folding Carton Box

    Folding Cartons are boxes are made up of paperboard. These paperboards are printed, sent through machines to cut, paste, and score to make a folding carton. The benefits of folding cartons are cost-efficient, environment-friendly, versatile, and provide adequate protection.

    We are renowned as the Folding Carton box manufacturer that uses innovative technologies to create cost-effective folding cartons with optimum quality. We make sure the products inside these boxes are safe and secure. We work closely with our clients to provide folding cartons that give a new dimension to your brand and create a sense of confidence and trust amongst their customers.

    Packaging Solutions for FMCG Products

    The consumption of FMCG products is rapid. Packaging is an integral part of these products. It cannot be undermined; as it is more crucial in today’s scenario compared to the past. A product may lose its spark if the packaging does not match the current trend and requirements. It applies to all FMCG product packaging, such as food packaging boxes, shoe packaging boxes, and sweet packaging boxes, among others.

    The packaging of the products acts as a non-verbal communication link between the brand owners and the consumers. This market is highly driven based on the impact of packaging.

    New launches of wholesale packaging boxes in different shapes and size is the need of the hour. The primary packaging for the product is necessary for the shelf life of the product. Secondary and tertiary packaging is critical for product logistics and distribution. We are the leading box manufacturers that deliver customized packaging solutions within the expected time frame.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is said that the first impression is the last impression. Packaging of the product leaves a lingering impression on the consumers. Apart from that, it is essential for the safety of the product delivered to the customer. With online business booming and blooming like never before, the demand for attractive and customized packaging has shot up gigantically. To attract customers, companies are now focusing on customized printed boxes with creative writing. Printing and packaging technology have a huge scope in the near future. The businesses should approach a good printing and packaging company Mumbai like One Step Print LLP to boost their business and attract more customers.

    Yes. Every product has a different requirement for packaging. At One Step Print LLP, we provide boxes in custom size as per the dimensions provided by the customer. The box should be prepared in a way that there remains enough space to protect the product. You can also get tailor-made Paperboard packing boxes to suit your requirements.

    Generally, different packaging companies have different policies for taking minimum orders. Boxes are the most accommodating of all. That is why the customer can place an order as little as 1 unit when it comes to boxes. Whether you need custom folding cartons or luxury boxes, send us your requirement and we will let you know what policy we follow for the minimum order for the product you want. We at One Step Print LLPprovide best quality packaging at affordable rates.

    It depends on the material you choose and the complexity of production. Your taste and requirements will determine the cost of a luxury packaging box. A box with glossy paperboard, ribbon and a magnetic lid is, of course, going to cost more than other types of packaging. The cost of some packaging boxes may shoot up as high as Rs. 1000 per box. When it comes to luxury packaging boxes, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the cost per unit. However, it all depends on the material, type of printing and add-on features you choose.

    We use techniques like gold metalized foiling, hot foiling and lamination, met pet printing, glass matte effects, pantone color printing, hybrid effect and drip-off effect.

    We offer various cartons in different shape and size including folding cartons, litho-laminated cartons, & tray cartons.