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Importance of Right Packaging for FMCG Products

Packaging Box

There was a time when packaging was considered a mere protective layer to safeguard the content inside and transport it from one location to another. And, so, packaging manufacturers never gave much attention to it, as nothing more was expected from it by consumers. 

Times have changed, and now we feel that what looks good – is good within. Consider the most recent product you purchased for a moment. Whether it was cosmetic, electronics, or FMCG goods? Whatever the product it may be – I am sure you would have noticed its packaging. Product packaging has become increasingly important in marketing and brand building during the last few decades.

Purpose of Packaging

Surprisingly, a simple cardboard box has now; become a silent salesman and a communication channel to entertain and engage customers. Changes in the business world have increased the significance of branded boxes. Retailers rely on FMCG products packaging to stand out from the crowd. Apart from the outward appearance, packaging serves many other purposes – read further to know them all. 


Protection is the crucial purpose of packaging. Packaging safeguards the products from any damage caused by physical elements such as the sun, temperature changes, dust, and other contaminants. 

Especially in the FMCG market, the importance of delivering the nutritional values of the goods lays the foundation of success for any brand. Packaging protects the products against the loss of nutritional value such as oxidation of fats, denaturing of proteins, etc. 


The second most-effective purpose of packaging after protection; is to provide optimum product information. It offers consumers all the required knowledge and aids for effective decisions. To share an example here, would that be of a food label. 

Food labelling gained importance due to the current fad for healthy eating. These labels offer consumers to be aware of all the ingredients, consider alternatives, and then; take the right or apt decision to purchase. 

Not just the need for health-conscious consumers, some other mandatory requirements also demand some information to be declared by the manufacturer. This kind of information includes storage instructions, directions to use, ingredients, helpline information, warnings, and any other government-required warnings. 


In this era of infinite me-too products, huge malls, and supermarkets, the importance of packaging is raised to a different level altogether. It makes the goods stand out and attracts the buyer’s attention. The aesthetic value of the packaging increases the probability of the product being purchased by the consumers. 

Packaging is now not just used to safeguard the product, but it has become a platform to enhance aesthetics, protect the shape and form, and mostly, to build the brand. To share a simple example: will you buy a product if its package is dented or deformed?  


All the products and goods need to be transferred, warehoused, and distributed at all stages, from production to consumption. This phase of transportation in the supply chain process may be lengthy, and the method through which these commodities are handled at various points leverages the importance of good packaging

Packaging ensures the strength and durability of the products so that they can endure the transportation stress, and makes the entire process of handling goods more convenient. 


Good packaging is vital in ensuring that the goods are not tampered with. Packaging safeguards the goods from any alterations or any foreign elements. High-quality packages have a very low probability of any pilferages. 


In this age of innovative packaging, the focus is on enhancing the usability, convenience, and sustainability of the products. To cite an example – the Bru coffee package comes with an aroma lock, ketchup pouches, Paperboat’s Daypacks, etc. However, basic consideration is essential, such as re-usability of containers, ease of opening, resealing, and disposability of packages. 

The challenge

In an era of growing consumerism, over-flowing retail shelves, increasing awareness of environmental concerns, penetration into remote markets, and rising need for convenience, with all these aspects, FMCG manufacturers need to be very attentive towards packaging goods. 

The availability, pricing, and weight of the packing material; all have a significant impact on the overall packaging solutions. Packaging needs to store, preserve, and transport the goods with durability and safety. The difficulty here is to create packaging that satisfies all of these criteria at a competitive price while also impressing customers.

Wrap Up

All in all, the purpose of packaging is all that we just read above. However, there is a distinction between intelligent and well-designed packaging and; packaging with a design that is not fit-for-purpose. One Step Print – the leading packaging box manufacturer; offers integrated packaging solutions for a wide range of FMCG products. We have the necessary expertise in flexible packaging and constantly strive to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of packaging material. We collaborate with our clients to develop customized packaging solutions that meet specific product requirements while optimizing cost and performance. To know more about the different types of packaging solutions provided by us – drop a line to us at [email protected] or contact us on +91 99199 15125.