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Evolution of the packaging industry and why sustainable packaging is the future

packaging industry

What is the primary thing you will spot when you go shopping? The packaging of the product – isn’t it? Consumers perceive packaging first, even before they see the commodities. The role of packaging extends beyond protection; it also influences customer purchasing decisions.

A book should never be judged solely based on its cover, but a product is primarily judged by its packaging. Based on a survey, customers admit that packaging design influences their decision to buy a product to a certain level. After all, packaging narrates a tale, sets the tone, and provides the buyer with a tangible experience.

With the rise of eCommerce, the significance of product packaging has reached new heights. Whether consumers receive items via the Internet through mail or in a physical shop – creative packaging design can work wonders.

Beautiful packaging helps products stand out on a cluttered competitive shelf, influencing consumer product selection. Robust packaging aids in managing and transporting the product.

Progression of the packaging concept

Food Packaging has endured the test of time and has a long and renowned history. During the nomadic journey of ancient humans, food preservation became a necessity. It resulted in the development of packaging or the creation of a protective cover for the food. However, the way they used to preserve food is something we cannot comprehend.

They carried and stored their food using natural materials such as leaves, wood, gourds, and animal skins. Later, as civilizations expanded to larger villages and then cities, the packaging style enhanced as well. Some examples are baskets weaved from plant fibres, clay pots, wooden boxes, etc.

The subsequent era was beneficial to the industrial revolution and practically elevated India’s packaging industry to new heights. The advent of machine-made manufacturing accelerated the packaging process.

Packaging has progressed from meeting a basic necessity to being a vital aspect of a brand’s marketing and customer experience.

The packaging story of India

The packaging industry in India has undergone significant changes throughout the years, and it has grown to become one of the largest sectors in the Indian economy.

The pharma and FMCG – the fast-moving consumer goods sectors are the leading providers that drive the development of the Indian packaging industry. E-commerce has been a new user fostering the growth of the Indian packaging industry in recent years.

Thousands of packets are distributed every day across the country due to the extensive usage of e-commerce services. It has boosted the demand for high-quality product packaging.

Packaging is one of India’s fastest-growing industries, with a 25 per cent annual growth rate. The packaging industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 26.7 per cent from 2022-to 2027. The Indian packaging sector appears to have a promising future based on its current growth rate.

Challenges faced by Packaging Industry

The packaging business is reorganizing in response to environmental concerns. Rising raw materials prices and changing lifestyles have escalated it. The stakes are enormous as the food processing industry prevails in the packaging sector. It is projected to be valued at hundreds of billions of dollars in the near future.

What obstacles will the packaging industry have to overcome to be successful in the coming years? The most critical challenges are product protection, sustainability, freshness, distribution, rising costs, and eCommerce.

The packaging industry will require solutions to these challenges that are both environmentally friendly and profitable. It should provide a protective container for the products while appealing to the client’s eye.

A Long-Term Perspective

At present, environmentally friendly packaging is the need of the hour. According to a recent study on consumer behaviour and sustainability, customers are changing their purchase preferences based on progressiveness, social responsibility, or environmental consequences. There are a few areas where we can focus our efforts to create outstanding sustainable solutions.

Making bags out of sugarcane fibres and promoting the use of fibre-moulded products all over the world are examples of solutions. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for creativity in developing environmentally friendly solutions.

Using cutting-edge technologies, key players in the packaging industry are already developing biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging materials, resulting in a more sustainable solution.

e-Commerce continues to be a consumer preference; sustainability and technological advancement continue to be the priority. Globally, the packaging industry has incorporated and adapted to several latest developments. Packaging is essential for both product safety and brand value. To get the most out of your product packaging, ensure it is tailored to your products and intended audience. Get in touch with One Step Print, the Packaging box manufacturer in Mumbai, to have the optimum packaging for your products.